First connection

By default x100 netwrok is in Hotspot mode. The SSID of x100's network is xmachines-x100, and the default password is xmachines. You can connect it with your PC using SSH. The default IP of x100 is

  • After you have connected to the X100's hotspot. Now you can access it through ssh. open new terminal and enter the follwing command.
    ssh -X xmachines-x100@

you will be asked for the password. enter the password.

Now, you are logged into x100.

Connecting to the Internet

You can use the touch screen display to turn off the Hotspot, and connect to your wifi.

  • on the top right corner click on the wifi symbol

  • click on disconnect as shown below.


  • Now you will be able to see all the networks available.

  • select your wifi network, and enter the password.

Turning on and off the Hotspot (CLI)

once you have connected to your own wifi. follow the below steps to turn on and off the hotspot with simple commands.

  • navigate to /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections
    cd /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections
  • type ls and hit enter, this will print all the know network connections. as shown below

  • you should see your network name visible in the list. Now copy the name of your network.

  • type following command to turn off the hotspot.

    sh --ssid="yourWifiSSID"
  • to turn the Hotspot back on.
    sh --ssid="yourWifiSSID"