First Run Teleoperation

In this tutorial you will learn how to move x100 for the first time. Make sure the batteries are plugged in properly. Also make sure the battery doors are closed. please refer to user manual for more information.

Turning on the robot

  • push the main power button to switch on the robot.
  • Next, turn on the computer, by pushing the computer power button.
  • Now you should be able to see the display turining on.
  • wait till you see the XMachines homescreen.

Connecting the Joystick


The joystick that comes with robot is already paired to the robot.

click the playstation button to connect to the robot. please refer to user manual for more information.

Running the program


This approach uses ros & rosbridge to launch the neccessary files. Please make sure to click the stop button after usage. if not, the roscore and launch file keeps running in the background.

  • Double Click on x100.php.html, This will open the web browser.
  • Click on start teleop.
  • wait untill you see the battery voltage and current displayed on the screen.

Now, you can move the robot around using joystick.