Detailed discription of topics being published and subscribed when X100_base.launch is launched.

Subscribed topics

  • /cmd_vel (geometry_msgs/Twist)

    • twist.linear.x to move robot forward and backward.
    • twist.angular.z to rotate robot left and right.

      all the other velocities are ignored.

  • /x100/front_lights (std_msgs/Int16)

    • This topic is used to control the brightness of front leds.

    • input range - (0, 100).

      input is in terms of percentage. 0 is off , 100 is full brightness.

Published topics

  • /x100/motor_controller_1_temp (std_msgs/Int16)

  • /x100/motor_controller_2_temp (std_msgs/Int16)

  • /x100/motor_controller_3_temp (std_msgs/Int16)

  • /x100/motor_controller_4_temp (std_msgs/Int16)

    • All the above topics have similar properties.
    • These topics publishes the temperature status of the motor controllers.
    • the values ranges from 1 - 4
      • 1 - Temperature is Normal (typically below 35C)
      • 2 - Temperature is mediumly Hot (typically in between 35C to 45C)
      • 3 - Temperature is Hot (typically in between 50C to 60C)
      • 4 - OverHeat (above 60C)
    • The controllers are equiped with dc fans, which will act accrding to the temperature rise. typically it takes less than 2 mins to cool down when reached to 60C.
    • DO NOT run the robot for long durations when the topics publishes 4.


under heavy loads (greater than 50kgs) the motor controller temperatures may rise rapidly on continuous run. In such cases, pause the activity and let the controllers cool down. Make sure to subscribe to these topics and monitor the temperatures frequently.

  • /x100/odom (nav_msgs/Odometry)

    • raw odometry generated from wheel encoders.
  • /x100/voltage (std_msgs/Float32)

    • This topic publishes the voltage of the batteries in Volts.
    • Make sure to subscribe to the topic & monitor the battery voltage frequently.
    • Make sure to not discharge the battery less 20V for better battery health.
  • /x100/current (std_msgs/Float32)

    • This topic publishes the overall current consumed by the robot in Ampere.
  • /joy

    • This topic publishes data related to joystick controlls.